I, Arborosa, am a software tester.

I test and manage the testing of software for a living. For me being a software tester is not limited to working hours. In my spare time I read books about testing, I read blog posts, I go to (and speak on) conferences or workshops, and I am a member of the Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing, a.k.a. DEWT.

These posts will show my opinions, comments and experiences on encounters with the software development world. And for the most part these posts will be about software testing, but anything (sometimes remotely) related to software testing or current affairs will pop up in my posts also.

Additionally I will try to post book reviews either in text or as a mind map.

In any case I encourage you to comment and react on the posts you see here.

Kind regards,



19 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Arborosa,
    I am Ma’ayan from PractiTest. Our Testing related blog QA Intelligence together with Tea Time with Testers Magazine, has launched its annual “State of Testing” Survey of 2016, which is the largest survey worldwide of Testers and QA Managers alike.

    Please help us by writing a post on your blog or website pointing to the survey page: http://qablog.practitest.com/state-of-testing/

    Thank you.


  2. Dear Ma’ayan,
    I have added the edited version of your comment to this page.
    I have also done the survey. Good luck with gathering and interpreting the results.



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